Parents Association

Kilcredan National School parent’s association is a thriving small organization which is always busy supporting the school. Any parent who has a child in the school is automatically a member of the parent’s association.

Each year an AGM is held either in June or September. Officers are elected to oversee the running of the parent’s association for the year. The parent’s association works with the board of management and the school principal when planning activities for the year.

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halloween disco

The first social event of the year is the Halloween disco. This is held in the Hall in Ladysbridge and children from 3rd to 6th class are invited to attend. Parents provide the supervision, decorate the hall and on occasions have even provided the music.

A cake sale in the spring is always a very popular social event for the local community. This is usually held on a Sunday morning and the variety of tasty treated donated by the parents is amazing. This event provides much needed revenue for the school.

The younger children look forward to the movie day which is held in Ballymacoda Hall. There is one session for the infants and a second for 1st and 2nd class.

Many book fairs have been organised over the years. This has been a great support to the school as the school receives vouchers to the value of 60% of sales. This ensures that the school and class libraries, not forgetting the class sets of novels are constantly updated.

The parent’s association has always been proactive in promoting training in IT for the children. Traditionally the sixth class children attend a computer course in St Colman’s Community college for six weeks.

This is organised and part funded by the parents association. The parents of the participants pay the balance and also provide supervision on a rota basis.


The sixth class Mass is also a very important night for the children who are graduating from Kilcredan. The parent’s association present graduation certs and refreshments are served to pupils, staff and family members.

In addition to this many successful fundraisers have been organised over the years, school calendars, who wants to be a thousandaire, selling programmes at the national ploughing Championships, quiz nights, cookery demonstrations are just a sample of the fundraisers that have been organised by the parents association.

In addition the parents association were responsible for introducing school uniforms, school tracksuits and also helped to introduce classes in speech and drama and music to the school.

Every year brings a new challenge. In September 2021 we look forward to beginning a new year and hope that many parents will consider lending a hand. Believe me it is a great way to get to know other parents and in doing so you are supporting the school community.

Meetings are held approximately once a month in the school. All parents are welcome to attend.